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Almond Group: Where Comfort and Hostpitality are Top Priorities

From Uy Kuyteav to KanJi, the three distinctive Yi Sang across Phnom Penh to the dim sum and delights of authentic Cantonese cuisine at the Almond hotel, the group’s number one status has been built over a number of years. It’s a jealously guarded status renewed and strengthened by an intensive training and program to ensure our staff live up to the group’s high standards of service. Training that has been time well spent on and ensuring the smooth running of our restaurants. A fact that resulted in the Almond Group becoming an award-winning leader in the fields of hospitality and food and beverage in the capital.   The Almond Group is deeply anchored in Cambodian culture and inspired by the country’s reputation for hospitality. Its team is dedicated to pioneering the next level of customer service satisfaction and sophistication within the Cambodian hospitality industry. The Group will continue to strive to maintain and attain the highest standards of ex

The united colours

By: Southeast Asia Globe editorial - POSTED ON: September 26, 2014   Gastronomic artistes from across the globe showcase local ingredients in a whole new light T here is something a little bit special about Cambodian cuisine. A combination of local tastes, mixed with the best of Chinese, Indian and Thai influences makes for a culinary crusade like no other. The unique flavours are subtle and refined, with many dishes taking hours to prepare, although it all begins with the array of fresh, local produce available across the country. These ingredients have attracted skilled epicurean adventurers from across the globe, and the country has begun to garner a reputation as a foodie paradise, with exciting culinary talents taking Cambodian ingredients in thrilling new directions. Discover asked three of the country’s finest chefs, from three different continents, to choose their favourite local ingredients and create a dish that exudes the flavour of a nation that is forging ahead