Yisang Restaurant launches with Liquid Assets Fine Wines

On september 16, Yisang Restaurant revealed its delectable and attractive range of dim sum to tempt weary travellers to the new tea house and the little morsels inside. Dim sum, which translates loosely as “a little touch on the heart” in Cantonese, has evolved into an ever more intricate, complex and delicious cuisine. In Cambodia, chef Luu Meng worked with his team of dim sum chefs to develop Yisang Restaurants to provide the public with dim sum of the freshest and highest quality, creating 

artisanal bites in keeping with the traditions and origins of this special dining experience. International wine master Darren Gall of Liquid Assets Fine Wines in Cambodia paired his selection of family owned, hand crafted wines with the dim sum of Luu Meng and Yisang Restaurant. Photos by Almond Group.

Sauce from: http://www.phnompenhpost.com/gallery/yisang-restaurant-launches-liquid-assets-fine-wines


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