Yi Sang Dim Sum and Wine Culinary Exploration II @Yisang Restaurant BKK

On Friday 24 November, Yi Sang Chinese Restaurant BKK in association with Liquid Assets and Delas Cambodia hosts an evening of 
The Joy of Yisang Artisanal Dim Sum paired with Hand-Crafted Fine Wine

 Following  a very successful event at Yisang Riverside, in which International Wine Master Darren Gall of Liquid Assets Fine Wines, Cambodia  paired his selection of , various hand crafted wines from family-owned wineries  with master chef Luu Meng’s artisan dim sum,   Yi Sang Chinese Restaurant is delighted to announce the second meeting of culinary traditions: authentic dim sum and fine wines.
Around the world, food and wine pairing has evolved to become a great art and integral part of fine dining, Gall points out. “When Luu Meng invited me to pair wines for a special dinner I was ecstatic.” 

Historically, bite-sized morsels of dim sum were served as a snack to go with Yum Cha (literally “drinking tea”) but are now considered a full meal “in fact, it is now very much the tea which is seen as the accompaniment and not the other way around,” Darren Gall points out on Urban Flavours website.”Whilst tea is seen to aid digestion and cleanse the palate in dim sum, the same can be said for the ancient practice of drinking wine with food.”
The culinary art of dim sum take years to perfect, and Luu Meng is a confirmed master, guiding “his team of Dim Sum chefs to develop his Yi Sang restaurants to deliver Dim Sum that is of the freshest and highest quality,”  says Gall, “creating handmade, artisan dim sum in keeping with the traditions and origins of this very special dining experience.”
 Mr Luu is also a culinary innovator who seeks to enhance classic recipes. “I am constantly looking at and tasting traditional dishes [and] making minor alterations to improve or modify their taste… and also fuse it with other influences,” he tells Urban Flavours. 
To accompany Mr Luu’s special menu of subtle and delicate artisanal dim sum will be a selection of intense yet elegant flavors of Domaine Delas hand-crafted wines which “can be enjoyed throughout the course of the meal, from beginning to end,” says Mr Gall, “cleansing and refreshing the palate 
 without ever dominating or even detracting from the meal, just like the tea.”
With the same combination of enthusiasm and dedication, Master Chef Luu Meng and International Wine Master Darren Gall have once again combined their expertise, setting the stage for another incredible culinary exploration.


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