Cambodia Master Chef Luu Meng

Cambodia Master Chef Luu Meng

Equipped with knowledge of Cambodia’s traditional use of flavours and spices which he learned
from his mother, Luu Meng was inspired to pursue his passion for cooking abroad.
After ten formative years in some of the region’s finest restaurants, he returned to Cambodia as a
young and ambitious chef and was quickly recruited into the kitchens of the Hotel Cambodiana
in Phnom Penh.

Chef Luu Meng also gained additional experience working in Singapore and Malaysia.
He was privileged to have worked in the kitchens of five star hotels belonging to the SOFITEL
and Sunway chains, where he acquired new skills that further enhanced his zest for cooking
Cambodian dishes and other international cuisines.
During the course of his career, Luu Meng had worked with, chef, author and television personality
Anthony Bourdaine and participated in an episode of the Gordon Ramsay’s television program,
Great Escape.

In 2005 Luu Meng established the Malis Restaurant in Phnom Penh entirely devoted to
promoting and serving authentic Cambodian cuisine.
He has participated in numerous Cambodian and international food and agricultural exhibitions
and evens as well as tourism related activities as he continues to represent and promote his
Country Based In: Cambodia
Establishment:Malis Restaurant
Hosted at: IndoChine Chijmes     


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