CRA E-NEWSLETTER July —August 2015

CRA E-NEWSLETTER July —August 2015

Government-Private Sector Forum—Tourism (Group B)
The G-PSF Tourism was lead by the co-chairs, H.E Dr. Thong Khon, Minister of Tourism and Mr. LUU Meng, with participation by representatives of companies with vested interests in tourism, institutions and representatives of EuroCham Cambodia, Cambodia Tourism Federation, Cambodia Restaurant Association, Cambodia Hotel Association, Pacific Asia Travel Association—Cambodia Chapter, International Business of Cambodia, Amcham Cambodia and Cambodia Association of Travel Agents at the Ministry of Tourism. The meeting discussed several issues, including:
  1. Calendar of International Travel Fairs and Events of the Ministry of Tourism
  2. Fighting against unfair competition in tourism (tourism-related businesses operating without license…)
  3. Management of noise disturbance from adult entertainment locations
  4. Security and safety management of tourism sites
  5. Fire safety in tourism business premises
  6. Clean Up Cambodia campaign
The will be followed up by action taken by the Task Forces being currently established.
MoT1 MoT2
Private Sector Working Group on Tourism Meeting (PSWG)
On Monday 3rd of August 2015 , the Private Sector Working Group on Tourism Meeting had its first meeting at the Cambodia Chamber of Commerce. There was an official handover between Mr. Ho Vandy and Mr Luu Meng.
The composition of new Private Sector Working Group on Tourism is
Co-Chair Mr. LUU Meng, Vice-President Cambodia Tourism Federation
Vice Co-Chair      Mr. OM Pharin, CATA
Mr. THOURN Sinan, Chairman PATA—CC
Members               Mr. KOUCH Sokly, President Cambodia Restaurant Association
Mr. DIN Somethearith, President Cambodia Hotel Association
Mr. ANG Kim Eang, President CATA
Mr. Pierre Andrè ROMANO, Member of EuroCham’s Tourism Committee
The collection of issues and challenges for discussion included:
  1. Marketing Cambodia Nationally and Internationally: Marketing, Conferences Halls and Cultural Centers, Annual and New Events , Statistics/Tourism Information
  2. Tourism/Hospitality Education: Vocational Education and Training
  3. Clean , Green Safe Cambodia: Garbage Collection and Management, Tree Planting/Green City, Plastic Bag Issues, Recycling of Garbage, Market Management of Garbage, Waste Management, Noise Pollution, Security, Pedestrian Safety, Road Safety, Fire Safety
  1. Ministerial Issues: Licensing/Registration, Unregistered Tour Operators, Taxation/ Service Charge, Taxation/ Fringe Benefits, Taxation/Complimentary Rooms, Taxation/Online Travel Agents, Taxation/ Monthly Tax Filling, Decentralization of Monthly Tax Filling, Immigration, Work Permits/Residency, One Stop Shop ASEAN Visa, Communication from All Ministries


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